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Inflation rate calculator, consumer price index (cpi) and price rise

When calculating the gains accrued during marriage, the inflation rate has to be taken into account (by indexing). The initials assets, brought into the marriage on the wedding day, change value over time according to the inflation rate. The price rise is defined by the change of consumer price index (cpi) between the starting and the ending date of the relevant period. The annual averages used in the calculations on the site is based on the German consumer price index (cpi), surveyed and published since 1948 by the German Federal Office of Statistics.

Calculate the inflation rate from the consumer price index:

This inflation calculator calculates the price increase and average inflation for a period from the consumer price index (CPI). Entering the first and last year sets the relevant time period. The smallest period to be considered is one year. The final amount is calculated based on the entered starting amount and the consumer price index (cpi) in Germany. The price rise is defined as the percentage change in prices between the starting and the ending date of the relevant period. From the consumer price index at the beginning and end, the average inflation per year is calculated. All amounts can be indicated in both Euros (€) and Deutsche Mark (DM).

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Notes on the inflation rate calculator

Consumer price index for Germany:

The consumer price index is a key indicator of price development. The percentage change in the consumer price index is referred to as an inflation rate or price increase rate. A time period with a rising price index is called inflation, a falling price index deflation. The consumer price index for Germany - long series from 1948 - is published monthly as a table by the Federal Statistical Office. This table contains various price indices for the period 1948 to 1991 and since 1991 an unified consumer price index and an index of retail prices. This table of the Federal Statistical Office contains monthly and annual values ​​for the various key figures. Only the current average annual values ​​of consumer price development are taken into account in this inflation calculator. If an annual number greater than 2016 is entered, the index is calculated using an interpolation of the last 5 years.

Calculating the consumer price index (CPI):

In the published table, the index is presented as a percentage value against a base year. For the years 1948 to 1990 the consumer price index with base year 1995 (index = 100) is used. The consumer price index of 1948 to 1961 is taken from the column "4-Personenhaushalt von Arbeitern und Angestellten" and from 1962 to 1990 the column "Alle privaten Haushalte". From 1991, the consumer price index is used as the basis for calculation with base year 2010 (index = 100).

Calculate price increase:

The amount at the end is calculated in this inflation calculator from the product of the amount at the beginning and the ratio of the index at the end to the index at the beginning. The percentage price increase is calculated as the difference between the amount at the beginning and at the end relating to the amount at the beginning. That is, the sum of the amount at the beginning and the percentage of the price increase gives the amount at the end.

Average inflation per year:

In this inflation calculatoraverage inflation corresponds to the rate of inflation (rate of price increases) per year and indicates the percentage by which the prices have risen on an average per year.

Historical price development in Germany:

The lowest inflation rate per year over the entire period considered was from 1949 to 1950 with a negative consumer price index of -1.4. This means that Germany has experienced a deflation during this period, which had already begun in 1948 and ended in 1950. The maximum inflation rate was from 1991 to 1992 shortly after the German reunification with a consumer price index of 3.6.