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This support payment calculator may not take into account all cases. For a precise calculation that does take into account your specific individual circumstances, please consult bilingual English-speaking family lawyer Dr. Annegret Wiese in Munich, Germany or search for a family lawyer in another German city.

Online calculator support payments (Current "Düsseldorfer Tabelle 2017"):

Getting separated or divorced under German law, the spouse who has less income can claim spouse support. Also, the spouse who is taking care of the couple’s underage children can ask for child support. According to the law ruling these support payments, children come first – the payment of child support is prioritised over spouse support.

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Basis of Assessment corresponding to "Düsseldorfer Tabelle":
Bonus for employment used for calculation of spouse support depending on place of jurisdiction:
Child: Child: Child: Child:
Alter: Years Years Years Years
Additional demand:
Husband (1. spouse): Wife (2. spouse):
Amount: Chargeable: Amount: Chargeable:
Net income:
Additional income:
Correction index:
Age: Child support: Age: Child support:
Children: 1. Years Years
2. Years Years
3. Years Years
4. Years Years
Sum of support payments:
Available net amount:

The support-relevant net income of both supposes must be entered. The support-relevant net income results from this after an income-dependant standard deduction. For the spouse not taking care of the children, the ages of the children that are entitled to maintenance need to be indicated. If the place of jurisdiction is Bavaria, the addition method is used to derive the payable amount of spouse support.

The amount for the spouse that has the right to claim support is marked positive while the same amount is marked negative (in brackets) for the spouse that has to pay.

Nodes and restrictions on calculation of support payments: