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Calculate German Child Benefit (Kindergeld)

Calculating child and spouse support the paid child benefit (Kindergeld) has to be taken into account. Child benefit has to be paid in regard to the number of children and the age of each. Till the age of 18 child benefit has to be paid, after that only under additional circumstances.

Online calculator for German child benefit payments (Current status 01.01.2017):

Enter number of children beneath the age of 18. If additional requirements (according to numbers in brackets) are given enter number of these children as well and click the button [Calculate]:

Number of Children
Beneath 18 Years:
Only under additional preconditions:
18 to beneath 21 Years (1,2,3,4):
21 to beneath 25 Years (2,3,4):
Beyond 25 Years (4):

The amount of total represents the monthly entitlement to child benefit.

Comments on the calculator for child benefit

Additional requirements:

Child benefit will be paid for a child older than 18 as long as requirements are fulfilled as follows:

1. No employment and registered as jobseeker
2. Looking for an apprenticeship
3. Undertaking training for an occupation
4. Without any income due to physical, mental or psychological disability

More information for child benefit

So far it is only an overview in regard to claiming child benefit. Further detailed information to additional requirements for child benefit can be found in the Child benefit leaflet 2017 of the Family Benefits Office (Familienkasse). The Family Benefits Offices of the public servant are responsible for setting and payment of child benefit.